Missouri Mudders
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About the Missouri Mudders

The Missouri Mudders is a non-profit off-road motorcycling organization that sponsors and manages competitive off-road events in Missouri. The Mudders usually manages an Enduro and a Hare-Scrambles each year. The Mudders has also organized ISDE Reunion Rides.

On occassions, the Missouri Mudders also help riders to compete and has provided technical support and financial assistance for several riders endeavoring to qualify for and compete in the ISDE.

Missouri Mudders events are possible due to the support from and partnership with St. Joe State Park, Missouri's premier off-road vehicle (ORV) riding area. The park officials and outstanding staff make our events possible and successful and we greatly appreciate their supoport. Please abide by all rules and regulations when enjoying the St. Joe ORV areas.

The Missouri Mudders is a suporter of the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) and particpates in the AMA affiliate program to support and promote AMA memebership. The AMA (Rights. Riding. Racing.) works to protect your motorcycling interests. You can join the AMA or renew your membership by clicking here or on the banner in the footer of our web site pages.

Mudder Logo

The Mudders Logo

The Mudders Logo is often included on T-shirts and in event flyers, brochures and other materials.

Missouri Mudders Shelter

In 2012, the Missouri Mudders received approval from St. Joe State Park to construct an event shelter for sign-up, staging, and management of off road motorcycling events.

The Mudders applied to the Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative for financial support and received a grant that covered a substantial amount of the construction costs.

The goal of the Yamaha OHV Access Initiative program is Guaranteeing Responsible Access to our Nations Trails (GRANT) and includes staging area construction, renovation and maintenance.

The Mudders thank the Staff and Rangers of St. Joe State Park and the Yamaha OHV Access Inititive for their support on this project. Please support St. Joe State Park and the Yamaha GRANT program.

Mudders Shelter

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